Why Hire Beanstalk?

Choosing a Web Developer can be Tricky Business.

There are many people who can build you a website – the challenge is to find a developer who can deliver the quality you’d like. How do you know that your website will be built to industry standards, be easily accessible and readily extensible in a few years time?

At Beanstalk, we’re very much at the progressive end of web design. Qualified to PhD level and with a strong and diverse portfolio of work, we offer a level of service that’s beyond the norm. Here are some ways in which we differ from our competitors.

  1. We Create Websites by Hand.

    Web design tools like Dreamweaver produce websites that are often bloated and slow. We build websites using nothing but a simple text editor and an in-depth knowledge of HTML, resulting in streamlined sites with semantically rich markup. Semantic markup allows context be applied to web content, benefiting a website’s accessibility and SEO.

  2. We Follow the Industry.

    The Web Industry is constantly changing and standards, trends and best practices continually evolve. We keep track of major developments and introduce changes into our practices in response. We have attended and contributed to a range of national and international events including the W3C World Wide Web Symposium, 24theweb and Dublin Startup Weekend. Eddie Johnston has presented at a number of web conferences including VLDB (Canada), Schloss Dagstuhl (Germany), EKAW (England) and Wordcamp (Ireland).

  3. We Understand Design.

    We don’t use templates. We don’t repackage themes. All of our work is original and created from scratch. Like most good design work, every website we create aligns to a vertical grid – a set of invisible columns that keep the proportions and spacing of the page’s layout precise. We we go one step further by composing to a vertical rhythm – using a baseline grid to extend the principles of proportion and balance encouraged by the columns to the content within the columns. The results are tighter, cleaner layouts and impeccably presented content.

  4. We’re Full Service Providers.

    We can manage your entire web project including the specification, design and programming. Using the same service provider for each stage of your project (as opposed to hiring a separate designer and developer) will save you time and money and result in a tightly integrated website.

  5. We use the Most Suitable Technology.

    We’re proponents of open source software and have adopted the technologies and techniques that are tried, tested and recommended by leading developers globally; our core skills center around Ruby on Rails, PHP and jQuery. We adapt existing solutions where possible meaning development times and costs are kept to a minimum.

  6. We Optimise our Code.

    Our HTML is semantic and CSS streamlined. We optimise and reduce the imagery used in each website by creating sprites, and call upon external files only when they are required. We strip away each unnecessary server request and combine libraries and files where possible. All of our websites are fast, accessible and extremely well structured for search engines.

  7. We’ll bring Experience, Knowledge and Talent to your Project.

    You get more than a website when you hire Beanstalk. We bring almost 15 years of web development expertise, experience and research to each client we work with. We have the ability to take on any project and deliver exceptional results.

  8. We’re Easy to Deal With.

    Most of our business comes from client recommendations so we wont be satisfied with our work unless you are. If you’re not sure exactly what you want to achieve with your website, we can help you identify your goals and define your requirements.