Custom Apps

Rails, PHP and JQuery Development.

We encourage the use of open-source, off-the-shelf solutions where suitable, but for some website development, solutions must be custom developed. We develop custom web applications using Ruby on Rails and PHP and deliver the same high standard of markup and accessibility with each of our websites. Here are examples of some of the applications we’ve created.

Shooting Stars – Instore Photo Browser.

Shooting Stars is a sports photography business located in Sligo. When they purchased three touchscreen computers to allow customers browse through their image collections, they realised that the image library software that existed was overly complicated and slow. We developed a custom web application that was hosted on ios app development company their main computer and ran through a browser on each of the touchscreens. The user interface was specially developed for touch and functionality stripped to provide only what was needed.

Ruby on Rails Image BrowserRuby on Rails Image Browser - Image Viewer

Internal Streetview – The Model

Internal Google Streetview

The Model Tour was the first Internal Google Streetview project in Ireland and was developed in conjunction with the Model Sligo and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

The website allows browsers to navigate around the gallery using the Google Streetview interface. Each scene in the tour can be panned, tilted and zoomed while the exterior of the building can be explored through a Google Earth interface integrated with the site.

Interior Google Streetview used for an Art Gallery

Web-based Membership Management

In addition to creating a new website for the SUI, we developed a membership management site that allows members access to restricted documents and data and keep their subscriptions up to date. We developed a number of custom functions such as an integrated PDF generator that creates renewal letters, address labels and receipts automatically. The website integrates with a payment processor that enables membership payments be made over a secure connection.

uby on Rails Membership ManagementRuby on Rails PDF Generation

Election Prediction Application

Northern Ireland Election Predictions.

Stratagem is Northern Ireland’s first dedicated lobbying and public affairs company. As part of the 2010 Northern Ireland general elections, we developed an online election prediction competition to raise awareness of what Stratagem do and increase subscriptions to their mailing list. The application proved a valuable tool, boosting Stratagem’s user base over the short number of weeks it was deployed.

Ruby on Rails User Management