Front-end Design

Front-end Web Design and Programming.

There are two distinct skillsets involved in creating a website; while the functionality and technical details of the site are implemented by a developer or programmer, the look and feel of the site is created and realised by a front-end web designer. We usually take responsibility for all aspects of a website project but can be hired for front-end work only, depending on the details of the project.

Examples of Front-end Design Work.

We designed and coded the branding and front-end for the Simplify Learning website. This involved taking a set of 20 wireframes and designing a graphical mockup for each screen. Once the mockups were approved, they were coded in HTML and CSS and passed on to the developers for integration with the website. Because screens are usually designed before their content is written, text areas are filled with standard Lorem Ipsum filler text.

Example of Front-end DesignExample of Front-end DesignExample of Front-end Design

For the Perfect Pints website, we took a set of branding guidelines and icons that were created for the project and designed a website around them. Front-end development is not limited to design – the users interaction with on-screen elements is another aspect of the front-end; Designing and implementing any dynamic areas of a page such as scolling panels and slideshows are generally the responsibility of the front-end designer.

Example of Front-end DesignExample of Front-end DesignExample of Front-end Design

In addition to the primary site, a WordPress blog and Spreadshirt store was set up for Perfect Pints. Because both of these sites were separate from the main website, the overall design had to be customised and coded again for each. A proficient front-end designer will be equally comfortable writing their own markup for their designs as they will be integrating their designs with third party websites and code.

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