Devise Generators in Rails – A Tip.

If you’re ever developed with Rails you’ll be aware how things evolve very quickly. Restful_authentication used to be the plugin of choice if you didn’t want to roll your own authentication code but this has been superseded by Devise, a Warden based Gem.

You can get up and running within minutes and have full featured authentication in place (including all of the functionality for resetting passwords, generating confirmation emails etc). The beauty of Devise lies is its flexibility – you can activate only the modules you need and its readily extensible.

There are some nice tutorials available on Railscasts, but depending on the version you are using, some of the generator code doesn’t seem to work. If you’re having difficulty following the generator instructions like:

  • rails generate devise_install
  • rails generate devise_views

and get an error like “Could not find generator devise_views.”, just replace the underscores with colons:

  • rails generate devise:install
  • rails generate devise:views

Might save you some time trying to figure out what you’ve done wrong.

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Comparison of iPhone 4 price plans

As a follow up to the previous post on iphone price plans on Vodafone, here’s the iPhone 4 price comparisons from Ireland’s main carriers:

Monthly Cost iPhone 4 16GB iPhone 4 32GB
Perfect Choice Access Plus €35 €279 €379
with 150 minutes + 150 texts €45 €279 €379
with 300 minutes + 300 texts €60 €199 €299
with 500 minutes + 500 texts €80 €129 €229
with 700 minutes + 700 texts €100 €69 €169

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Sligo Web Design Projects

We’ve been working on some interesting local ventures recently, with two projects in particular worthy of a mention. The first is, a website (and soon to be launched iPhone app) that allows you to find a perfect pint wherever you are in the world. is the brainchild of Justin Knecht of the Centre of Design Innovation and was selected to the 2010 CEIM enterprise development programme for high-potential start-ups. Beanstalk were responsible for the design of the main site, the perfect blog and perfect store, working from sets of wireframes sketched by Justin. All of the other collaborators on the website are from Sligo and the Northwest — it’s great to see a site like this being built entirely locally. is definitely one to watch; it’s already appeared in a number of national radio shows and press writeups.

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Wordcamp Ireland — Very Happy Campers

236 people from 9 countries. 35 speakers covering 3 tracks. 50 euro for a 2 day ticket. These are some of the numbers that made the first Wordcamp Ireland such a great event, but the real secret behind it was the fantastically friendly atmosphere that other conferences like this can so easily lack. Last Friday night saw Langtons in Kilkenny open its doors to a crowd of bloggers, techies and curious georges to talk WordPress for the following 48 hours, many of whom wouldn’t set foot outside the hotel until the event was over on Sunday afternoon. This was the first Wordcamp to be held in Ireland, all thanks to the trojan work of the wonderful Sabrina Dent and Katherine Nolan. Read More »

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Imagine Wimax in Sligo — does it live up to the hype?

When Imagine announced the rollout of their Wimax product a few months ago, I started keeping an eye on their website to see if they’d extend cover to the Northwest. They’ve recently anounced that they’d be covering Sligo, but from what I’ve read about their product so far, it looks like it’s quite a disappointment.

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Customising / Configuring the TinyMCE Text Editor in WordPress

WYSIWYG editors such as the TinyMCE editor used by WordPress are great in that they allow people with no HTML skills to insert formatted text into web pages. There are times however when it’s best to restrict some of the formatting options to prevent people from messing up the appearance and markup of their pages. For instance, I think it’s a good idea to remove the text colour palette and to disallow the use of H1 and H2 tags in body text as most of our themes use these headings tags once or twice in the template — to use them too much (arguably) isn’t good for the pages SEO.

The Default TinyMCE Text Formatting Palette

The default text formatting palette allows users to select any text colour they like (which can have very ugly results!). Heading 1 and Heading 2 tags can also be inserted where they shouldn't be.

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Google Focus On Website Speed

Website Speed now and SEO Factor
There have been rumours floating around in SEO circles that Google would soon be putting weight on website response time as a factor affecting their search engine ranking. It’s now official, the official Google Webmaster Blog published a post today announcing the launch of their new Site Performance tool.

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Vodafone Ireland iPhone Price Plans

you might be looking for this post: Comparison of iPhone 4 price plans on Vodafone, Three and O2.

Vodafone Ireland iPhone TariffsWhen I heard that Vodafone would be offering the iPhone in Ireland in 2010, I signed up to the news mailing list to get informed of any announcements. Vodafone phoned today to offer an early subscription to the iPhone before it rolls out fully in the near year (I presume they called everyone on their mailing list, I’m not special!). Here’s some of the price plan details:

  • Plan 1: €35 per month. 16GB iPhone 3Gs costs €199.No included any network minutes or texts.
  • Plan 2: €49.99 per month. 16GB iPhone 3Gs costs €199. 150 any network minutes, 150 any network texts.
  • Plan 3: €64.99 per month. 16GB iPhone is ‘free’. 300 any network minutes, 300 any network texts.

Each of these options include 2GB of data download per month, free Vodafone calls and are subject to an 18 month minimum contract. There are more expensive options available but I didn’t get the details.

The price plans are likely to change fairly often so it’s probably worth checking their website to get up to date information.

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