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Beanstalk is a small design studio based in the North West of Ireland.
We hand-craft quality, standards-compliant websites.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is the Content Management System that powers one in ten of the world’s websites.
We've been using Wordpress since it was first released in 2003 - we know it inside out.

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Custom Website Development

From touchscreen image browsers to interactive tours, we develop all kinds of custom applications. We're well versed in a range of programming languages and frameworks, particularly PHP and Ruby on Rails.

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Front-end Development

If you've hired a web developer but need a front-end designer, we create elegant, grid-based designs and standards compliant code. The markup we produce is highly optimised for search and speed.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Most website traffic comes through Search Engines. If your website isn’t ranking well you’re losing out. We can boost your website’s search engine rank so your products and services are easily found.

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Website Accessibility

Your website should be accessible to everyone, regardless of connection speed, equipment or abilities. We can create fully accessible websites without any compromise in design or functionality.

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Sligo Website Design Samples

This custom Wordpress website for Bua Marketing was based on their pre-existing logo and colour palette. The result is a quirky, professional website that conveys the zesty ethos and approach of the organisation. Visit Site >

North Leitrim Women's Centre needed a website that would fulfill the AA Accessibility Criteria of the Web Accessibility Initiative. The website we produced exceeds the standard without compromising the design. Visit Site >

A shortage of resources in the sector led to the development of a custom beauty jobs application. The result was Beautiful Jobs which has grown to become Ireland's leading jobs website for the beauty and spa industries. Visit Site >

The Model Tour is the first instance of an internal Google Streetview in Ireland. This website was developed in conjunction with the Model gallery in Sligo and funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Visit Site >

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    If you’re ever developed with Rails you’ll be aware how things evolve very quickly. Restful_authentication used to be the plugin of choice if you didn’t want to roll your own authentication code but this has been superseded by Devise, a Warden based Gem. You can get up and running within minutes and have full featured […]

  2. Comparison of iPhone 4 price plans

    As a follow up to the previous post on iphone price plans on Vodafone, here’s the iPhone 4 price comparisons from Ireland’s main carriers: Vodafone Monthly Cost iPhone 4 16GB iPhone 4 32GB Perfect Choice Access Plus €35 €279 €379 with 150 minutes + 150 texts €45 €279 €379 with 300 minutes + 300 texts […]

  3. Sligo Web Design Projects

    We’ve been working on some interesting local ventures recently, with two projects in particular worthy of a mention. The first is, a website (and soon to be launched iPhone app) that allows you to find a perfect pint wherever you are in the world. is the brainchild of Justin Knecht of the Centre […]

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